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We use a Roofer's Buggy and what it means for you

Hint: A cleaner, quicker, more efficient roofing install!

Removing old roofing material can take a toll on the landscape surrounding your home or business.  PA Roofers invested in a "Roofer’s Buggy" that allows us to keep your landscape, lawn, and flower beds beautiful and healthy by collecting old roofing debris from right below your eaves.  Not only does it help us to work cleaner, but it also lets us work more efficiently which equates to less time, quicker project completion, and a lower labor cost.

Other than cost, the number one concern for homeowners when they are having their roof replaced is that their flowers, shrubbery, and landscaping will be protected during the removal of the old roofing materials.




The average roof replacement generates over 7,000 pounds of old roofing debris. If your contractor isn’t using a Roofer’s Buggy this process can be time-consuming, messy, and downright destructive. Most contractors throw roofing debris onto a tarp positioned on the ground below. This method can allow falling debris to damage the home, landscaping, flowers and shrubbery. Another problem can be roofing nails which can cause headaches ranging from flat tires to injury or children or pets. The Roofer’s Buggy allows us to lift to the roof while extending over flowers and shrubs so roofing debris and nails fall directly into the container. Rest assured that PA Roofers will take care installing your new roof AND removing your old one.

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